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Common questions about Dr. Inman's practice

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"I am amazed (again) at how much better I feel after my appointment... I just realized I have no pain. No Pain and No Prescription! Thank you, Dr Inman, for your welcoming spirit and excellent care." - Kelly W's Google Review

What does a chiropractor do?

A chiropractor focuses on aligning your spine to improve communication between your central nervous system and the rest of your body. Many chiropractors apply direct, manual pressure to joints to achieve this alignment. In addition to manual adjusting, Dr. Inman can also use a gentle low-force device called an adjuster to perform chiropractic adjustments when it is appropriate. The results of these procedures have become more mainstream due to their effectiveness.

Quality chiropractors understand a client’s life and lifestyle on a deeper level. The chiropractor of today uses qualitative and quantitative information to provide a treatment plan aimed at producing long-term results. This is Dr. Inman’s definition of holistic care. The goal is, and always should be, to help you feel better. This is rarely solved through the use of chiropractic adjustments alone. We're complex, dynamic beings and symptoms are a result of physical, nutritional and emotional stress.

She believes that living our fullest life requires the careful consideration of several factors. These factors may, ultimately, vary in significance, but should be considered in a proper treatment plan. Dr. Inman will meet you where you are on your health journey. As you are ready to make lifestyle changes to support your health, she'll be there to help take the next step.

How does Dr. Inman’s method differ from other chiropractors?

Dr. Inman improves your physiology through a combination of chiropractic adjustments, customized nutritional supplements, and stress reduction techniques. She focuses on achieving long-term results rather than quick fixes that don't address the root cause of chronic problems. By combining these three aspects of holistic chiropractic care (adjustments, nutrition, and stress reduction) she is able to make significant improvements with stubborn issues.

Since you're a unique individual, who’s had a unique life, your treatment will be highly personalized. Dr. Inman takes this seriously and follows a data-driven approach to treatment. As appropriate, she'll pursue detailed testing which provides evidence for the treatment she’s recommending. 

Contrary to the general view of chiropractors, Dr. Inman’s goal is not only to “crack backs”. Chiropractic adjustment plays an important part in maintaining your health but the story doesn't end there. Unfortunately, no amount of chiropractic adjustment can balance an imbalanced lifestyle. Perhaps your issues stem from a nutritional deficiency or the presence of harmful elements (e.g., toxins). 

As you know, diet and stress levels greatly influence how we feel. Since these factors are constantly changing, proper treatment must take them into account. It's common for a client's treatment to require more than adjustments and may be comprised of different activities over time, especially during times of high stress.

How is Dr. Inman’s practice different from other chiropractors?

Some chiropractors take a more “clinical” approach to their practice. These chiropractic offices tend to feel similar to a general practitioner’s office, a receptionist will note your arrival, you’ll be taken to a treatment room, and, after waiting, the chiropractor will quickly assess your chart and perform the appropriate chiropractic procedure. In order to maximize the number of clients that can be seen, these chiropractors often have several clients booked at the same time. 

Dr. Inman, on the other hand, approaches your chiropractic care with a more personal touch. She doesn’t have a receptionist; you’ll be greeted by the doctor herself when you arrive for your appointment. She also doesn’t double-book appointments, so there won’t be others being treated during your scheduled appointment. This ensures you won’t have to wait to be seen; your interaction with the doctor will begin as soon as your appointment does.

What is Dr. Inman’s professional background?

Dr. Inman has served chiropractic clients for over 12 years. She began working as a chiropractor in 2007 with Benoit Chiropractic and Wellness.  After gaining experience with that organization, she decided to begin her own practice in East Nashville, TN.  In 2014, her husband was relocated to work for Cummins in Columbus, Indiana. She began a practice, Align Columbus, on 3rd street. 

She continued seeing clients in that location until 2016 when her family moved back to Nashville, TN. While in Nashville, she returned to her old practice, East Nashville Chiropractic.  She proudly served the community until 2019 until Columbus called her back. 

In the summer of 2019 her family decided to come back to Columbus. Her current practice is located downtown and is currently accepting new clients. 

If you’re in the market for chiropractic care, then Dr. Inman would be happy to serve you.

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