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"I am amazed (again) at how much better I feel after my appointment... I just realized I have no pain. No Pain and No Prescription! Thank you, Dr Inman, for your welcoming spirit and excellent care." - Kelly W's Google Review

Functional Medicine

Through the practice of Functional Medicine, Dr. Inman works with you to understand your health concerns and make a plan for improvement. Functional Medicine looks at your symptoms, lifestyle, and medications and shows how all of these variables interact to impact your well-being. You’ll see concrete numbers that paint an accurate picture of your current health. Dr. Inman will be your partner in “moving” those numbers in the right direction.  


Functional Medicine can be especially beneficial for those with chronic and hard-to-diagnose conditions. Instead of asking, “What drug matches up with this disease?”, as traditional practitioners commonly do, Functional Medicine asks important questions that many conventional doctors neglect to ask: “Why do you have this problem in the first place?” and “What can we do to restore function?” In other words, Functional Medicine looks to find the true source of symptoms, rather than simply treating a diagnosis with medication. 


What to expect from a Functional Medicine appointment


Dr. Inman strives to form collaborative partnerships with her patients. At your first appointment, she’ll take a thorough medical and social history. Many patients find it to be the most in-depth conversation they’ve had with a healthcare professional. In addition to questions about your symptoms and medical history, she’ll ask about significant life events, past trauma, travel history, and other less-obvious factors that will enable her to get a comprehensive view of your health.  


Next, she’ll order blood tests, take a few hairs from your head and send them to the lab for testing.


In a few weeks, Dr. Inman will meet with you again to review your results. In this report, you’ll see any nutritional deficiencies you may have, as well as levels of toxic elements (like lead and mercury) that may be impacting your health. Together the two of you will form a strategy to improve your health by getting your levels into the healthy range. Dr. Inman will make recommendations for ways you might adjust your lifestyle and diet and may recommend nutritional supplements.


You won’t simply leave the office with a prescription, but, rather, with an actionable wellness plan that you develop, in collaboration with Dr. Inman, to improve every aspect of your health. Those who choose functional medicine understand all of the variables that contribute to their condition. You’ll see and feel progress as treatment continues and have the data to back it up.

Here’s a sample report (pdf), similar to the one you’ll receive after meeting with Dr. Inman.

Are you interested in booking a Functional Medicine appointment with Dr. Inman? Click below to review our calendar and book your appointment today!

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